How I Manage Michael Hayden Talks

A follower of my meditation videos wrote to me and asked how the segments were done. I had planned to record a video to show just that, but it wouldn't suit the general content on this medium so I've written a few lines about it here instead.

Even though this is not a meditation, I still think it shows how simple things can be effective accomplishments with God.

Looking at the life of Jesus, we do marvel at his miracles and most of them are done by Christ's spoken word -- "Your faith has made you well..."[Mark 5:34] --said to the woman suffering haemorrhages. Christ calms the sea with, "Be quiet!..." [Mark 1:30]. The daughter of Jarius, "Talitha Kum (Little girl, get up)" --she did and she walked [Mark 5:15ff]

In short, Jesus used whatever was at hand -- water into wine [John 2:1-11]. The same applied to me.

I do not have any special cameras or lights or sound equipment. I put to good use the things I have to hand.

It does take some preparation beforehand, researching a saint or feast day and making notes on the topic.

I record video on an iPad which is my most valuable tool for research and I'm writing this on it right now. I also use a mobile phone to record at the same time, to give an occasional second view which helps to break up long parts.

If the day is dull or I have to record at night, I often rely on a light bulb on a chord as my clever lighting solution.

Finally, the parts are assembled on my laptop where I try my best to clip out my mistakes and make a video like so many of the ones people do on youtube and so on.

I originally pieced the video parts together on my iPad but I was glad to find out, from research on the internet, that I could do it on the bigger computer screen, where it's easier to see what I'm doing.

I estimate the planning for a video takes 2-3 hours of research and note-taking. I do this over a couple days. The video shooting only takes about 15 minutes now that I have a routine for it. The preparing of the video takes a few hours, but I start after an afternoon siesta and after a couple cups of tea it's finished.

The encouragement and support to do this little project of mine, comes from my friends, some of whom are silent supporters whose prayers keep me going. I keep my friends in my prayers. I am more than grateful to you and wish you Peace, Happiness, Good Health and many Blessings.

Doing this at my age seems like a little miracle to me as I was never very efficient at the computer.

To God be the glory,
and may his Almighty Hand Bless you and keep you in His love.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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